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Code of Conduct

  • It is the responsibility of all Members and Guests who use Mercer Bucks Pickleball Club to ensure they are aware of and comply with current Club Policies & Protocols.
  • Adult Members and Guests are responsible for the conduct of their children while using the facilities.
  • Members and Guests must respect the rights and dignity of all other participants and visitors at the Club.   Follow the Golden Rule.
  • Proper etiquette and language are to be observed at all times.
  • Members and Guests are not allowed to smoke, vape, or consume drugs on the premises.
  • Abuse, harassment or bullying will not be tolerated. “Abuse” and harassment” mean physical or verbal mistreatment, including assault, threats, intimidation, slurs and cursing.  Abusive, coarse, harassing, or discriminatory language which create a hostile environment will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual and verbal abuse. 

Mercer Bucks Pickleball Club management reserves the right to refuse or revoke privileges to anyone who violates this Code of Conduct. Violators may be asked to leave without refund and may be banned from future activity on Club premises.


Follow the MBPC Creed:

Club Policies & Protocols


Everyone using the facility, member and non-member, is required to check-in with our front desk staff.  We need to know who you are and what activity you’re attending.  Please indicate up-front if you plan to use Premiere Social Play vouchers or Guest Passes, free court rental benefit, or split your court fees:

Vouchers/Passes/Certificates: You must present physical vouchers, passes or certificates to the front desk staff PRIOR to your scheduled event or to your “merch nook”/café purchase so that your account may be credited accordingly.

Splitting of Fees:  As the “host” (a/k/a the person who actually makes the court reservation), the entire court rental fee will go to YOUR account. Please let the front desk staff know if you would like to split the fees evenly across all players on your reservation.

Guests:  Guests and non-members are required to check in, sign a waiver to play, and abide by all Club Policies & Protocols. Non-Member rates apply for all court activities.

Arrive Earlier Than Play Time

Please check-in at the front desk 15 minutes prior to your event.  While you wait you can:

  • Do a pre-pickle stretch
  • Warm-up on dink court
  • Enjoy a game of cornhole

Private Court Use – Number of Players and Adding Players to Reservation

A maximum of six players (including you) are allowed for a private court rental. Please make sure to select from the player list (if members) or add (if guests) the names of every player who will join you on your court rental. It slows down registration significantly when this is not done prior to arriving at the Club. Thank you!


Court shoes with non- marking soles are required.  Clothing with offensive illustrations or language are not permitted.  Otherwise, you have discretion on your athletic wear (though MBPC spirit wear is highly encouraged!)

Youth Policy

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult at all times.  (This requirement is waived for youths attended a scheduled youth camp.)

Cancellation Policy

Fees apply for cancellations made outside the allowable cancellation window: 12 hours for Court rentals, Clinics Lessons and Social Plays.  Please see our website for details and associated fees.  Cancellation policies for tournaments and special events will be listed at time of registration.


Membership privileges cannot be transferred. Unauthorized use of a Membership by a person other than the original registered Member may result in termination of the Membership.

Helpful Tips

“Never-Played Pickleball Before” Members

For those members who have never played Pickleball, we recommend you register for one of our “Never Played” clinics or book a lesson with one of our instructors.  Understanding the basic rules of the game and scoring are fundamental to signing up for a Beginner’s Social (Open) Play.  The “Beginner’s Guide” section of our website ( is a great resource for you.

Ball Machine

Through Court Reserve, you can easily add the ball machine to your hourly court rental for an additional $20. Upon arrival, inform any of the front desk staff if it’s not already set-up at your court.

Event/Party Room Rental

Take advantage of renting the private party room, which can include some or all of our courts, to celebrate life’s many milestones or for a team-building event with associates.  Speak with an owner or email to inquire.

Court Reserve App

Downloading the Court Reserve app will improve your user experience, make your life easier, and you’ll have more fun.  Remember to LOGIN with your existing Court Reserve account credentials. We highly recommend it! There is a link to the app on the “Join Today” section of our website (

Social (Open) Play

The success of Social Play events depends on all players arriving on-time (15 min prior to the event) and canceling before the stated cancellation time limit.  When members do not show up, it affects the experience for all involved. We would appreciate a call to the front desk if you are unexpectedly unable to join last minute so that we may reassign initial team pairings.

General Pickleball Courtesy Rules

  • Be courteous of other players by finishing your match on time and taking any belongings (including trash!) with you. 
  • If you arrive at your scheduled time and someone is still playing on your court, politely announce your arrival and wait until a point is complete before you walk on to the court.
  • Allow all disagreements to go to your opponent- this is supposed to be fun!
  • Use the walkway and alleys to get to your court – avoid any active courts.
  • We encourage use of our social area and kindly ask that you clean-up after yourself when you are done eating or relaxing.

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