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Purchasing and Paying

How Do Members Pay For Goods and Services?

Members can register for club activities and events, and purchase MBPC Café items or merchandise in several ways:

Payment Method on File : Charge to your MBPC Court Reserve account (credit card/ACH on file) which is protected/encrypted through SafeSave, our credit card processor.

Credit Card or Check: Provide an alternative credit card or check at the front desk or by calling the Club 609.883.MBPC

Cash: Bring your purchases to the front desk.

Discount Cards/Gift Certificates/Vouchers/Guest Passes: Upon presentation to the Front Desk, all discounts and gift cards will be applied/credited to your account.  It is critical that you ask the Front Desk to credit/adjust your account when you are using a benefit/pass, etc.

✱ Preferred method of payment. MBPC strives to be a contactless/cashless facility.

How do Guests Pay?

Guests are welcome to participate in all Club activities. See our Guest Policy for how Guests will be charged.

Members Can Pay for Guests: Members may pay for the fees for Guests they host on a private court rental only by specifying themselves (or another member) as responsible “Fee Owner” at time of reservation. This will direct their Guests’ share of the court rental, as well as, their Guest Fees, to the Members’ monthly invoice. Alternatively, a member can select that the Fee responsibility be: “Each Player Equally” . In this case, costs will be split evenly across all participants– members and guests. Guest may also pay for their own share of Court Rentals at check-in. Members can also apply a GUEST PASS (equal to the Guest Fee only) which must be presented to the Front Desk at time of arrival. NOTE: For Social Play or other Special Events that a Guest registers for him/herself, members are unable to pay for their Guests’ registration fees– Guests must pay directly.

Guests Can Pay for Themselves: Guests may call /walk-in to the front desk/email up to one day in advance (48 hours during the summer months) to reserve courts and/or register for any Club events, space permitting. All Guests will have to check-in at the front desk upon arrival to sign waivers and make payment prior to scheduled event time. This includes paying for fees owed when a member host has indicated that fees will be split across “Each Player Equally”. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your activity. All forms of payment will be accepted.

When Am I Invoiced?

Initial Membership: New membership fees are processed immediately as PAID (by the member or an MBPC Staff Member) using the payment profile you entered at time of account creation. Memberships are non-refundable, non-transferrable and cannot be suspended or put on-hold.

Membership Renewal: All memberships renew automatically at time of expiration. You must TAKE ACTION by calling the Front Desk should you want to discontinue your membership 609.883.MBPC. Memberships cannot be canceled on-line.

Activities and Items: For all club activities and events that have been charged to your MBPC Court Reserve account and for any MBPC Café items or merchandise purchased during the month, members will be invoiced on the first of the month.

How Do I Pay My Invoice?

Payment Method on File: Do Nothing. Your payment method securely stored on your MBPC account will be charged within five (5) days after month end for the prior month’s balance. This is our preferred method of payment.

Credit Card or Check: Provide an alternative credit card or check at the front desk or by calling the Club 609.883.MBPC. You can also update your Payment Profile directly in your account on-line.

NOTE: All members are given a ten (10) day grace period to pay outstanding balances once invoiced before membership is suspended.

While we know emergencies arise, we appreciate your understanding of our stated cancellation policy below. These policies are designed to ensure optimal play for all our members and guests and allow waitlisted members sufficient time to register.

Private court rentals must be canceled at least 12 hours in advance to avoid the session being charged in full to your account.

Social (Open) play must be canceled at least 12 hours before event start time to avoid the session being charged in full to your account.

Leagues, tournaments, round robins, clinics, and lessons are all subject to event specific cancellation policies indicated at time of registration.

Data Privacy

MBPC will not share your personal information with any other organization. Additionally, credit card information stored in Court Reserve is not visible to MBPC and is securely protected and encrypted by our Credit Card processor, SafeSave.

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