Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you will find all of your questions answered below. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions. 

We are here to serve the Mercer and Bucks County Pickleball community!

Membership & Court Reserve

What is Court Reserve?

Court Reserve is our court management system that can be used to:

  • View upcoming events
  • Sign up for events
  • Reserve courts
  • Manage your account

Creating an account on CourtReserve is easy and free.

How do I become a Member?

If memberships are available, you will need to create your account and pay for membership through our on-line member management system called Court Reserve.

As a Premiere Gold member, when I can’t find two (2) guests to play with me, can I still use my free hourly court rental?

As you know,  GOLD Premiere membership requires GOLD members to bring at least two (2) guests with them when they are using their benefit. If you are unable to bring two (2) Guests and you would still like to use your benefit, you may. However, if in doing so, you choose to play with two or more other GOLD members, then one of them must also utilize his/her free monthly court rental. If they have none left, they will be charged their portion of the rental. (Note: GOLD members are allowed to host one other GOLD member on their free rental but not more).

IMPORTANT: When you arrive, please advise the front desk upon check-in: 1) whether you, as the host, plan on using your free hourly rental for your reservation, and 2) the names of the GOLD members who will also be using their free benefits (if it is more than you). Remember, all charges go to the “host” account or the person who made the reservation unless you tell the front desk differently.

Booking & Costs

What does it cost to play?

MBPC offers varying levels of membership with different rates for each event/activity. See our Membership Page to get a full description of each membership, activity, and cost.

How do I book a court?

All MBPC Members may reserve a court in advance through the Court Reserve system.

Guests (non-members) are not able to book a court on-line or more than 24 hours in advance. They may come to the club or call/email 24 hours in advance to reserve a court at the hourly court rate applicable for their time plus guest fees per hour, if a court is available.

What is the Court reservation cancellation policy? No-show policy?

We understand that your plans change or emergencies happen. Please check out our detailed cancellation policy which differs per event.

Can I reserve a court for 30 minutes?

All courts must be reserved in hour increments and can only be reserved for 2 hours consecutively.

What is the maximum number of players that can play on one court?

You will only be able to book two consecutive hourly rentals at a time and no more than 6 players are permitted per court reservation. 

How do I rent the ball machine and what does it cost?

When you make an hourly court reservation you can add the ball machine to your court rental. Ball machine is $20 for an hour on top of court rental fee.

If I make a court reservation and play with other members, can I split the cost? Even if the others playing with me are guests/non-members?

Yes. When you registered on Court Reserve, you should have already added the names of the people joining you on your court (Members and Guests). Simply specify the Fee Responsibility to be “Each Player Equally” ( versus “Reservation Owner”) on the app/portal or let the Front Desk know upon check-in that you would like to split the fees. The court rental fee will then be evenly split between all players. Reminder, Guests will pay an additional $5 per hour and you will be given the option to cover their fee or have them pay at time of check-in.

Guests/ Non-Members

What is the Guest Policy?

We love guests and suspect that it won’t take long for a guest to become a member! Until that time, Guests are welcome to join in all MBPC activities but do not have the same reservation privileges as our members. Guests may accompany members who can reserve courts in advance; otherwise, for events (Socials, and Clinics) guests are welcome to walk-in or call/email the front desk up to 24 hours in advance to see what is available. There is an additional $5 guest fee for each hour of each activity at MBPC. Note, there are no advanced booking restrictions for our Guests to book Lessons. Please see our guest policy.

Do I have to be a Member to play?

Guests (non-members) are welcome to participate in all Club activities but will not have the same reservation privileges as our members. Guests may accompany members who can reserve courts in advance; otherwise, for events (Socials, and Clinics) guests are welcome to walk-in or call/email the front desk up to 24 hours in advance to see what is available. Additionally, guests (non-members) will pay an additional fee. See our Guest Policy for how guests will be charged. 

I am not a Member, how do I book Courts?

Non-members (or guests) are welcome to join us for all MBPC activities. While non-members can join a Member on the court they are hosting at any time, non-members cannot book a court more than 24 hours in advance themselves. Non-members are welcome to come to the club or call/email the front desk no more than 24-hours prior to see if a court is available. All guests must register at the front desk before they can play. Please see our guest policy.

Types of Play

Do you offer private lessons?

Absolutely! We have a variety of Certified Instructors available to provide a wide-assortment of lessons and clinics. Whether you are an experienced player looking to get better at an element of your game or new to Pickleball, we will have it all. Use the Court Reserve system to book your lesson today!

Is Social (Open) Play the same as “Drop-In” play?

We don’t have unscheduled “drop-in play” but we do have “Social (Open) Play” which is a regularly-scheduled, organized event where players can play without partners depending on the theme. Players rotate in and out for 2 hours or 90 minutes to mix/match with other players of similar skill levels, creating a fun, dynamic, and social environment. “Social (Open) Play” events allow you to meet other club members through multiple games during the session. The sessions are scheduled multiple times daily for different skill-levels so you are able to experience the club without coordinating with three other people. If you do not want to play with different partners, and prefer to stay with your group, you should reserve a court instead.

Do you charge to use your Dink Court? Can it be reserved?

The Dink Court is on a first-come basis and is intended for players to use as a warm-up. There is no charge for use of this court and it cannot be reserved. We ask each member to limit their time to 15 minutes on the Dink Court.

Do you host Pickleball tournaments?

You bet! What’s a Pickleball club without tournaments?! Please check the Upcoming Events or Tournament page, Home page, Court Reserve, or social media for our upcoming tournaments.

Equipment and Attire

Do I have to bring my own paddle and balls?

We have plenty of complimentary MBPC paddles and balls for you to use while at the facility. In addition, we will have demo paddles available for you to try.  We also sell a variety of Balls and Paddles in the MBPC Merch Nook. Just bring your game!

Will you have demo paddles to try before I buy?

Yes, we will have a variety of paddles available to demo that can be checked out at our front desk for you to try.

What is the proper attire?

Court shoes with non-marking soles are required. You can wear just about any athletic wear to play including yoga pants, athletic shorts, sweatpants, wicking apparel, t-shirts, skorts, etc.

Facility & Amenities

What is your court surface?

We have installed “Pro-Cushion” for all of our 9 indoor courts which is a state-of-the-art, multi-layered, cushioned, outdoor court surface that provides players great court resiliency and excellent ball bounce.

Do you have a Pro Shop?

We do! The MBPC “Merch Nook” will have a variety of merchandise available for purchase as well as equipment to both demo and purchase. Our “Merch Nook” is located next to the front desk.

Is there food available?

The MBPC Café has pre-packaged food and drink to go or take a seat in the Café or at any one of our viewing bars and watch the action.

Are there restrooms and showers?

We have updated, touchless restrooms with multiple stalls. We also offer a private changing room. We do not have showers.

Can I hold a private party or corporate event at the Club?

Please do! Our facility is designed to help you host a great private party or corporate team-building event. We have a party room with a bar/buffet area, fridge, furniture and glass doors to watch all the action. We can help you cater your event or you can bring in your own food and drinks. The entire MBPC facility can be rented or you can just pick a few courts. We can help you program play time, instruction and activities—all our private rentals are custom designed for your specific need. And don’t forget the cornholes as an event! Please contact us to talk through the many amenities we can provide to help you make your event amazing.

Contact Us

How many courts come with the rental of the Private Party room?

The entire MBPC facility can be rented or you can just pick a few courts. We can help you program play time, instruction or other activities. Please contact us to talk through the many amenities we can provide to help you make your event amazing.

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Can I bring my own food and refreshments on site?

Absolutely! We have plenty of space in our social area for you to take time out from your game and refresh. Sit at one of our many tables or saddle up to the viewing bar by one of the courts. If you forget your food or drink, be sure to visit the MBPC Café.


What are your hours of operation?
What are your COVID-19 Safety procedures?

We will be following all New Jersey COVID-19 best practices to help prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19. Per Executive Orders No. 241 and 242, individuals are no longer required to wear masks in our public setting, though unvaccinated individuals are strongly encouraged to do so.

In addition, we will:

  • Place signage at facility entrances to instruct patrons that they cannot enter if they:
    • Are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms: Fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, fatigue, headache, muscle/body aches, runny nose/congestion, new loss of taste or smell, or nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
    • Were diagnosed with or suspected to have had COVID-19 exposure and are still within the required isolation period as defined by CDC
  • Place signs throughout to reemphasize the protective measures in place, including maintaining physical distancing, hand sanitation, and cleaning protocols.
  • Clean high-touch surfaces frequently including balls, paddles, railings, bathrooms, and countertops.
  • Encourage 100% contactless payment by using the Court Reserve online system.
  • Conduct health screening of all staff daily in accordance with Executive Order No. 192 (2020)
  • Provide hand sanitizers throughout the facility
I have more questions, who do I contact?

Feel free to call our front desk and speak to an MBPC specialist at: 609.883.MBPC

Or email us at:

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