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Mercer Bucks Pickleball Club is now an official DUPR Club (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating). This means that we will offer multiple events throughout the week so that members can track and develop their DUPR. Over time, in order to improve the playing experience for everyone, we will be able to schedule certain Social Plays by DUPR level.

Below are some key pointers and reminders regarding DUPR play at MBPC: 

  1. Make sure your account is active: we set up most members except those who joined in 2023.  Your DUPR ID is your MBPC (Court Reserve) email.  If need, DOWNLOAD THE DUPR APP:  from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store to get started
  2. As with all Socials, please sign up for the CORRECT level of play.  A good rule of thumb:  if you lose most of the games in your event, you’re probably in the wrong event.
  3. When the Social says “DUPR” in the title, we will enter scores for you for ONE game only generally within 2 days.  DUPR refreshes ratings on Tuesdays – we do not control this.
  4. We can’t enter scores if we can’t read the names… Please take time with penmanship, first/last names, date, and court number – thanks!
  5. Unfortunately, we can’t edit scores in DUPR. If you see an error, please contact
  6. Initial ratings are NOT accurate and often overstated. Please allow 4-5 Socials for better accuracy. Thanks for your patience.
  7. You can grab a DUPR sheet during other play at the Club, or enter scores directly in the app – it’s very easy.  If you do, one member of the other team gets an email to validate the score. Once validated, the match appears for all players.

Click HERE to see a list of DUPR Club sponsored events

Download the DUPR app to begin tracking your scores today:

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